Priority 1

Sustainable natural resources management

Dr. Pandi Zdruli | Rapporteur

Italy Senior Research Scientist, Professor of Soil Science and Natural Resources at CIHEAM-IAMB

Prof. Paola Garrone

Italy Professor of Economics of Network Industries - Politecnico di Milano

Prof. Luis Santos Pereira

Portugal Technical University of Lisbon

Dr. Kenneth Wilson

USA Executive Director - The Christensen Fund (USA) and Chair of GAFF "Global Alliance for the Future of Food"

Priority 2

Quantitative & Qualitative Enhancement of Crop Products

Francesco Bonomi | Rapporteur

Italy Professor of Biochemistry – University of Milan and responsible of the Nutritional Biochemistry group of the Italian Biochemical Society

Dr. Khaled Makkouk

CNRS Lebanon Advisor for Agriculture and Environment at the National Council for Scientific Research

Dr. Jean Louis Pham

France Senior Officer Agrobiodiversity, Agropolis Fondation

Dr. Thaer Yaseen

Italy Responsible of mycology activity in the Department of Integrated Pest Management of Mediterranean Fruit trees crops in CIHEAM-IAMB

Priority 3

Socio-Economic Dynamics and Global Markets

Prof. Fabian Capitanio | Rapporteur

Italy Professor of Agricultural Economics and Policy - University of Naples Federico II

Prof. Francesco Longo

Italy SDA Professor of Public Management and Policy- University L. Bocconi

Dr. Oliver Oliveros

France Senior Program Officer, Agropolis Fondation

Priority 4

Sustainable development of small rural communities in marginal areas

Dr. Lamberto Lamberti | Rapporteur

Italy Scientific Administrator, Expert in Sustainable Agriculture, Rural Development and Environmental Engineering at CIHEAM-IAMB

Prof. Vincenzo Gerbi

Italy Professor of Food Science and Technology – University of Torino

Dr. Omar Bassaoud

France Scientific Administrator, Lecturer and Researcher at CIHEAM-IAMM

Priority 5

Food consumption patterns: diet, environment, society, economy and health

Dr. Roberto Capone | Rapporteur

Italy Chief Administrator and head of the Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Department of the CIHEAM-IAMB

Prof. Matilde Ferretto

Italy Professor of Economy and Agrarian Policy – University of Milano-Bicocca

Dr. Giuseppe Maiani

Italy Former Director of Human Nutrition Unit at National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition and Scientific Research Director at Agricultural Research Council Rome

Dr. Hamid El Bilali

Italy Researcher and consultant, Expert in Sustainable Agriculture and Food chain at CIHEAM-IAMB