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Is it mandatory for candidates to upload photos in the application form of Best Practices?

It is important to make a "visual" story of your experience, not limited to the textual description; according this purpose, you are encouraged to use photos, videos and illustrations. Among the evaluation criteria there is the attractiveness, which is understood as "the set of correctness, completeness and appropriateness of texts and illustration of the initiative through pictures and videos".

Regarding Best Practices: projects may compete only if already concluded?

No, you can also submit initiatives ended some years ago, but it is important for you to present
demonstrable results that led to a still evident improvement.

I'm filling out the application form for best practices. I'm not able to add an organization in the "Partnership" section, The system gives me an error message that says that the organization already exists but then it does not let me visualize it: why?

Because the organization is still waiting for approval. When it is approved, it will be possible to insert it
in the "Partnership" section, selecting its full name from a drop-down menu (see image below).

I inserted a best practice and I saved it as a draft. How do I retrieve it to continue working?

Just go to menu "best-practice" and select "submit" (
the system will show you your draft copy, you can edit it using the appropriate pencil icon at the lower right bottom corner.

To which of the thematic priorities could a Rural Food System belong to?

Priority 5

Priority 4 only belongs to the network?

No, priority 4 belongs to any project related to rural development.

What is meant by "Dissemination"?

"Dissemination" is the diffusion and propagation of information about the project in order to "sow". In other words, it is the promotion of a project, in order to make it known,
but also to rise new projects from it.

What is meant by "Openness"?

"Openness" is the ability - characteristic of different cultures, areas, regions, districts and nations - of building something together in order to improve a common situation, going beyond localism and regionalism.

How can they be valorised projects that contemplate actions on animals?

At the base of the Good Practices is sustainable development, the balance between resources and land use, then also direct actions to animals can  be provided , but it is necessary to correctly identify the thematic priority.

I submitted my Best Practice, but it's in pending status, why?

It' s normal that your application is in pending status, so it is for all the best practices already submitted. This state will last until November, when the commission EXPO will begin to evaluate them.

I just finished entering data on the research data base but something went wrong; I entered all the names and email of the authors and then I got a message that one email is already used for another person, so I tried not to insert the email but it returned to the first author. What should I do?

When you create your account, be careful to fill in your name, last name and any additional names and your current email address: we suggest you to be careful in particular during transcription from Arabic to English.
This is very important if you want to add a research in the Database, because if you add an author name or an email address which is different from the one available in his/her profile on the site,the system will not recognize them and will not allow you to insert them as related to the research.

How to edit (delete some words, add something) a research that I have already entered in the data base?

Once you have handed in your research you can't modify it (to be able to enter changes later on, you should save it as a draft, as recommended by the tutorial).

However, the system administrator can insert changes for you, so if you want you can communicate the changes directly to our FK Team through the Help Chat, and the system administrator will insert them.

I registered but I still don't have access. Why is that?

First of all, thank you for your interest. If you sign-in into our platform, you will receive in your mailbox, after a few minutes, a confirmation message with the password. If you don't receive it, remember to check even your spam folder. If the problem still occurs, contact us at:
You can access the network section, only if you are an expert on food security, involved in research activities, therefore it is necessary that you apply and that you await the admission by the scientific manager of the thematic network. It could take from one hour to a few days. If you have problems, contact us at:

How can I understand if one of my contributions has been accepted?

If after the registration on the platform you inserted your contribution in the database area, you will visualize a preview with an icon inside a small yellow hourglass, which indicates that your contribution is in evaluation phase from the scientific director of the database. The evaluation could take from a few hours to a few days: you will receive a notification e-mail as confirmation of your acceptanc

Can I unregister from the website?

Of course you can! Write an e-mail to:

How do I know if the submission of my Best Practice was successful? I haven't received a confirmation email

The system does not send email confirmation for the submission, but if you see the message shown in the image means that your action was successful

My Best Practice covers more than a region, there is a way to fit them all?

Please, choose "no main region" from the drop-down menu (see image)

what time is the final delivery of 31 October?

At 23.59 UTC -12

What about the results of the Call for Best Practices?

The results of the International Call for Best Practices are online at this page.

What about the "finalists"?

On the Feeding Knowldge Platfom, in the Best Practices database, you can find 749 initiatives evaluated as Best Sustainable Development Practices on food security, 52 of which reached the final evaluation phase and 18 won a movie or a photostory in the EXPO Pavillon 0.

Is there any award for Best Practices which have not been evaluated as "winners"?

All the 749 admitted initiatives are considered "Best Practices on food security".

The presence in the online open Database guarantees to every initiative in order to be visible to the whole world.