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Place: czech-republic, Europe
Food consumption patterns: diet, environment, society, economy and health Food consumption patterns: diet, environment, society, economy and health
Total Budget: € 200.000,00 | Period: From April 2013 To


We want to create a decentralized retail system, which will be facilitated through a network of “Food Angels” in different cities. We will serve as an online platform for handling payments, assuring correct cash flow and revenue division. We will provide visibility and mediate a direct contact between producers and consumers, keeping 8.5% for this service, while offering another 8.5% to the Food Angel. Costs like taxes, storage, transportation and logistics will be shared equally among the involved parts (farmers, Food Angels, consumers). By crowdsourcing demand of selected products, we are creating a demand-oriented food chain in place of the current supply-oriented chain that generates unnecessary consumption trends and a lot of waste. Goods will not be shipped from the place of production until a minimum quantity for efficient transport is preordered and prepaid. By optimising this process, we are reducing the ecological footprint of the service and transport to the minimum.


We Deliver Taste - Czech Republic

Lead applicant

We Deliver Taste is a food company specialising in Consultancy, eCommerce and Education. Through the development of new products and services, the company is connecting Agriculture with Gastronomy and implements strategies conductive to sustainability.

Calypso | Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Greece

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Calypso is a premium quality Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made of a family's ancient trees in one of the most ancient olive groves of the world.

Di Che Pasta Siamo - Italy

Initiative partner

Event organisation and craft consultancy.

We are connecting Agriculture with Gastronomy, by developing innovative products and services that promote direct interaction between food producers, markets and consumers.

An increasing number of consumers nowadays demand access to food that is nutritious and tasty, produced in ways that protect the environment and have a unique story. With new technologies and the power of crowdsourcing in place, it is now possible to achieve true cost accounting for quality food, while improving transparency across food supply chains.

Our service is unique in providing an international platform for purchasing goods online, by bringing together individuals, communities and businesses that produce, transform and appreciate good food. This is going beyond just a system for managing online transactions, but rather as a hub for exchange of experiences and stories, making good food knowledge accessible to everyone. By connecting consumers with small producers, we provide visibility to each one's work and educate the market, while promoting food that is good for our health, respects culture and the ecosystems of the countryside.

We Deliver Taste | 1-min pitch Idea from Smart Living Challenge creative workshop in Athens, Greece. April 2014. For more information, please visit smartlivingchallenge.com

Time pressed consumers in cities can rarely think about where their food comes from. This disconnection between the places of production and consumption has a negative impact on the food system, marked by unhealthy diets, depletion of natural resources, loss of traditional culture and food waste. By shortening the supply chain, we bypass the role of the middleman and make good, nutritious food visible and accessible to every user of the internet. We don't buy, store or deliver the products, but we use technology to connect different food communities (producers and consumers), enabling a direct and transparent interaction between them. By sharing their stories and making them relevant to everyone's lives, we generate a trade network that gives incentives for the support of local economies and farmers' livelihoods.

Farming on Crisis? A series of short documentaries about the stories of young people of Greece returning to the countryside as a way out of unemployment and the financial crisis. The films use the case of Greece to discuss global challenges like food security, rural entrepreneurship and the environment. Producer: Pavlos Georgiadis | CoFounder, We Deliver Taste

Our hitherto operations have been conductive to the sustainability and knowledge generation process of the project. Specifically, through our services we have managed to increase access to information about food products and their places of origin, while providing access to new markets for small producers and direct contacts with clients. By inducing transparent interaction between those who produce and those who buy food we have been able to develop new products and services that respond to the needs of every stakeholder involved across the food chain. This process is marking a clear shift towards a food system that is confident about the quality of ingredients, land use management and food production.

../file-system/small/pdf ../file-system/small/pdf Youth and Agriculture We Deliver Taste is featured as a best case for connecting producers with consumers in this 2014 report of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the Technical Center for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

Everyone interested in good food with a story: farmers; good food retail shops; food companies; companies and social enterprises but mostly individual consumers that already operating in the shared food economy. The power of crowdsourcing offers great scalability potential to the project, whose quality and value will be increasing with the number and commitment of users. Direct interaction between different peers operating across the supply chain will bring transparency which will allow for the role and responsibility of each actor to be communicated, understood and respected. This is expected to increase awareness about the origins of what we eat, but also the quality of products and services offered in fair prices.

The Responsible Consumer There is an increasing number of food conscious consumers that are interested in the origins and stories of their food. By connecting them directly with producers, they are able to interact and exchange feedback, aiming to better quality of products and services.
The Small Producer Small Mediterranean farmers that produce with respect to the environment, traditions and the consumer's health usually do not have access to mainstream market channels. By offering visibility to their work and sharing their stories, we make their effort known to new markets.
The Social Entrepreneur The food startup scene is very active, with many young people creating innovative food concepts for the market. This new entrepreneurial ecosystem needs to operate within a transparent supply chain, having access to the best ingredients in fair prices. With our project, we achieve true cost accounting of good food and quality ingredients, responding to the needs of companies that wish to generate wider benefits for the society.
The Storytelling Chef Operating in a very competitive environment, food professionals demand access to high quality ingredients for their kitchens. We make sure that this demand is fulfilled, by directly connecting them with producers of excellent food and bypassing the role of the middle man. In this way, a good chef becomes a storyteller, thus helping educate the market.
  • Pavlos Georgiadis (Greece)

BSc/(Hons) Biological Sciences/Plant Science

MSc Biodiversity & Taxonomy of Plants

MSc Environmental Protection & Agricultural Food Production

PhD.C. Social Sciences of the Agricultural Sector / Rural Communication & Extension

  • Nicola Robecchi (Italy)

BSc Gastronomic Sciences

MSc Food Identity

  • Petr Jiskra (Czech Republic)

BSc Hospitality Management


MSc Food Identity

Nicola Robecchi A competent Gastronomic Scientist and Food Chain Manager, with good theoretical and practical knowledge about the physics, chemistry and evolution of taste. Connected with Italy's best producers and food professionals, he is based in Milan, and is combining his curiosity with an entrepreneurial spirit and a talent for food photography which has been exercised over several years of research across the Mediterranean terroir. He is currently working on the development of innovative restaurant concepts in Italy.
Pavlos Georgiadis An Ethnobotanist and prominent personality of the food movement in Greece. An olive grower himself, he is the visionary behind the project and harbouring a large international network with relevance to its success. A food author and film producer, he has good understanding of agricultural issues both at local and global scales. In the last three years, he has been active advocating for good food and good farming as a way out of the economic crisis in Greece.
Petr Jiskra Professionally trained in the Hospitality sector, and coming from a family of top chefs, he is the economic mind of the project. Based in Prague, he is introducing our products and services to the Czech market, while discovering the best ingredients of his country to be integrated into our concepts.

We are through a process of transformation and evolution of our business model since the first day we passed from theory to practice, something that has been a valuable learning experience. Being just an export and trade company registered in Amsterdam at an early startup phase, we soon realized that high costs related to just transporting, storing and selling food were not conductive to the viability of the project. The company development has been the research topic for the MSc Theses of two of our team members, the results of which suggested changes to our growth strategy. We moved the company to Prague, focused more into capitalizing on our knowledge and expertise through services, and now we are developing an alternative retail system that is based on the scaleability potential offered by the internet. This can potentially engage many users, reach out to wider audiences and more markets without geographical limitations, therefore maximizing the chances of success.

Our platform aims to create an online environment for outsourcing quality food and hence facilitate trade only when minimum quantities transport are reached. In this way, logistics related to transport and freight are optimised resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. The products promoted through the platform are made in ways that respect biodiversity, low input agriculture and local traditional methods. By offering access to the market for free, we are providing incentives to small producers so they can continue make these products, add value to their cultural heritage and expand their activities in an environmental friendly way. By bringing awareness to the market, we are clustering a food conscious clientelle around quality agriculture, something that is expected to induce sustainable lifestyles and diets. All traded products have a long self-life (ie. oils, wines, preserves, etc.), meaning that they can be transported without being spoiled, and thus reducing food waste.

Succesful implementation of our project is going to have an impact on how people think about and purchase food. Thinking in advance about what to buy can become an economic advantage, since consumers purchase excacly what they want directly from the producers. Planning a stock for the season can save money, but also solve a lot of logistic problems related to transport. At the same time, small farmers that produce traditional products with respect to the land, its biodiversity and culture are assured for a price which is decided and communicated in a transparent way. This a process that is based on incentives for all, and is slowly shaping a new food system paradigm, which can potentially have long lasting effects related to sustainability and food security.

Our operations span all steps of the food chain, from the farm to the plate. We are only collaborating and promoting farms and companies that we have personally visited and we maintain good working relations with all the producers that we collaborate. By combining a solid scientific background with real human interaction, we become part of the process, enabling us to work and share their stories on the base of trust and personal experience. On the other hand, we are actively reaching out to consumers in order to share stories and knowledge about the foods and tastes that we promote. Farm visits, tastings and gastronomic education are combined with consultancy and collaboration with other food businesses in order to develop new products, services and concepts, all within the realms of collaborative consumption and the sharing economy. These aspects of our business combined all together generate ideas and solutions for good food production and the appreciation of quality food.

Meet the Farmer We have a genuine research interest in the best tastes and food stories of the Mediterranean. This is why we are continuously visiting producers and their farms, in order to hear from them, to learn but also exchange experiences. This human interaction is the base of our knowledge system.
Meet the Market We are reaching out to consumers by participating in major markets and gastronomic festivals. This is a great way to interact directly with people, explain the stories of the products that we promote but also receive valuable feedback.
Meet the Professional We are collaborating with professionals of the food and hospitality sector, trying to integrate quality products into their menus. We are particularly keen in collaborations with young entrepreneurs, engaging them into inspiring business projects, from whose success we draw our motivation.
A Pizza that can Change the World A taste and baking workshop, executed by We Deliver Taste using the finest ingredients of the Mediterranean. Prague, 17th October 2013.