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Place: south-africa, Africa
Sustainable development of small rural communities Sustainable development of small rural communities
Total Budget: € 300.000,00 | Period: From January 2012 To


Everpix, is a company that processes oil from the amarula kernel. Amarula grows widely in South Africa, the tree is known for its fruit, which is used to make traditional beer, Everpix has innovatively taken the seed (kernel) which is normaly a waste product and press this kernel to produce oil. Everpix works with rural cooperatives that pick up the fruit and brew it into beer and Everpix buys the kernel from these communities and press it into oil


Department of Trade and Industry - South Africa

Lead applicant

Department of Environmental Affairs - South Africa

Initiative partner

Department of Rural Development and Land Reform - South Africa

Initiative partner

department of Agriculture Forestry & Fisheries (DAFF) - South Africa

Initiative partner

everpix amarula agro-processing empowering rural women

using the amarula kernel which is normally a waste to produce oil

Geographic - the Amarula is and indigenous plant that grows wild in South Africa

Climatic - The subtropical climate of South africa is well suited for the optimal growth of Amarula

Economical - This fruit grows wildly in South Africa, therefor there are no cost to production but the crop has a high economic value because oil and beer that is produced from the plant is sold at a premium price

Technological - The country has technology to process this plant into Beer and Oil

Cultural and Social  - The beer produced from this plant is used in most cultural and events and it is renowned for its taste and high nutritional values


The oil that is produced from the Amarula is sold at premium price and it is recently getting high reception from the EU countries

Historically disadvantaged Rural Comunities especially jobless women

3 provinces in South Africa including Limpopo, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu Natal, 275 Rural women that pick the fruit up, the resources needed include picking Bags, Processing Plant, Containers, Packhouse for drying of the seed, protective clothing and wages

Women picking up the fruit has difficulties because there is no remuneration, walking of long distances from homes to the forest where the fruit grows. there is no solution for these problems, The dti have registered these women into cooperatives so that they can access funding through Cooperative Incentive Scheme which is housed under the dti

This is one project that is working towards of achieving sustainable development in that resource efficiency is achieved, where the kernel that is supposed to go to waste is used for value addition. 

Yes, this is one of the projects that is done under the bigger umbrella of growing the historically neglected high value crop that are of origin in South Africa

Yes, this initiative started in KwaZulu Natal province and has been replicated to Mpumalanga and Limpopo and it is achiving good results