Olive Oil products and uses

Place: jordan, Asia
Socio-economic dynamics and global markets Socio-economic dynamics and global markets
Total Budget: € 4.500,00 | Period: From April 2011 To April 2013


Due to the hard economic conditions in Jordan, rural communities rethinking of utilizing olive oil to manufacture soap by utilizing the available resources which is olive oil or expired olive oil, and used olive oil. in this initiative we have focused working on olive oil -soap production as a new income source for women to invest in, which consider  as a tool for fighting against poverty and to improve livelihood of local communities, besides due to that wild Jordan  is enrich with  medicinal and aromatic plants and wild flowers to be used in soap manufacturing. 


The National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension - Jordan

Lead applicant

o Organize agricultural research and extension plans for sustainable development. o Adopt the latest agricultural techniques for local conditions. o Disseminate appropriate technologies to farmers through extension agents. o Enhance knowledge and improve skills of researchers and extension agents through education and training activities. o Conduct economic studies. o Evaluate the effect of economic factors on agricultural production. o Capacity building of researchers and extension agents in collaboration with local, national and international partners and provides training and cross-learning opportunities in order to better addressing agricultural development problems.

Rural Women Society - Jordan

Initiative partner

Training activities into many fields of women development Youth programs Agricultural Development projects Microfinance projects fund raising

Um Al-Dananeer Women Charity - Jordan

Initiative partner

To develop women sector in Um Al-Dananeer Village, and to empower women through holding raising awareness training and workshop and supported activities for women on food processing such as jams, pickling, and drying some of medical plants Um Al-Dananeer Women Charity established to empower women sector into many fields such as agricultural projects, food processing, training activities, workshops and seminars.

Jordan is facing nowadays hard economic conditions, unemployment, poverty, climate change impact on environment leading to re-think about the use of available resources in order to enhance income in home level.This initiative focused on olive oil-soap production as a new income source for women, besides soap manufacturing through exploiting the richness of Jordan in medicinal, aromatic plants and wild flowers which could improve livelihood of local communities. Main Objectives: -improve households income -Raise awareness and stimulate investment community to create productive projects. -improving an individual's skills and train them on high management performance in order to run their projects -using available raw and simple materials in soap production -utilizing poor quality olive oil in soap manufacturing -reduction of unemployment and poverty and to contribute to raising the national income -Get rid of the frying oil for cooking which preserves the environment.

The main innovation in this initiative is using cheap, simple, available natural olive oil and mix with natural aromaitc and medicinal plants to be a unique natural product to be used by people, and use of natural colours froms plants and its seeds, this make this product is distingushed and wanted by consumers which provide good prices for local communities, olive oil soap provide medical value through prevent sensitivity, cuticle care, hair care and body care, good for baby skin. Olive oil soap enhances cuticle skin smoothness, vital and shinning compare with other commercial soap in the market.   

Olive oil soap manufacturing Olive oil soap manufacturing final step

Soap industry return to two 2000 years ago, Where the ancient nations covered their bodies with olive oil in addition to some plants juices. Soap industry has been developed very slowly before the discovery of soda and then took a new turn; this industry later had rapid development and increased of available numerous sources of oils and types of soap and forms.
Historically, European travelers who visited Jordan in the nineteenth century wrote about the dramatic impact of the soap industry in Nablus on the development of agriculture in the east of Jordan and its contribution in maximized the agricultural land. Travelers wrote how to bring frying herb residue in the Balqa, especially about Yajooz to Nablus, where they were burned and the use of ashes as an essential ingredient in soap manufacture.
Recently, in terms of back to nature; rural communities interested in soap manufacture of olive oil soap, Laurel oil soap and other vegetable oils with different characteristics as palliative.

Olive oil soap into many different shapes, colors, uses as follows :
o Shapes: ovule, squares, circles, triangles, ball
o Colors: whitish, gray, greenish, olivine, reddish
o Uses: body care hair care, cuticle care 

Olive oil soap Olive oil soap shapes and colors
Olive oil soap Olive oil soap shapes and colors

-Rural women
-Extension agents
-Schools student
participant rural women have said about her experience in this initiative that:“ I have attended and participated in olive oil soap manufacturing training workshop implemented by the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension( NCARE), my goal was to improve my income and gain new skills, at the beginning this training have changed my family life through providing me with new skill that I can utilize it from my own home and using cheap and available materials, I have produced olive oil soap in simple techniques, I have used exact (7) kg of olive oil  which produced me more than 120 pieces of soap  into many different shapes and colors, I gained 120 JD which covered my family needs for one month, soap as a gift for my friends”. She got lesson learned to keep used olive oil and re-use it for soap manufacturing which will be used for other home uses such as cleaning kitchen, home, clothes, and personal use.  

Olive oil soap products exposition Olive oil soap products in olive oil festival 14th, Amman, Jordan

- Dr. Jamal Errshaidat, PhD in extension, Project Manager, Director Deputy for Extension services department, he is working at the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension (NCARE) since 1980 to present time.
- Eng. Fatima Abu Hazeem, BSc in Animal Production, Project coordinator, she is working at the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension  (NCARE)/ director of Balqa Extension Branch, she worked in NCARE since 1997 to present time.
- Eng. Eizzaldeen Etawi, BSc in Plant Prodcution, Project field officer, he is working at the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension (NCARE) since 1990 to present time.
- Mrs. Huriah Faouri, BSc in public Administrator, Project field officer, she is working at the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension (NCARE) since 1993to present time. 

-Lack of money to buy olive oil to make soap, we have provide poor rural women  with cash money to buy needed material and oil to start their project and later they could bay money back (revolving fund)
-some women participant were afraid of using Soda on herself or her children, we have advice them to follow safety rules and using  gloves, mask, and keep Soda out reach of children
-Some rural women have not suitalbe space to run this activity in her house, we have solved this problem by adivcing them to conduct their activies as group and they could work in thier neighbours’ homes 

o Recycling of old olive oil into soap manufacturing
- Using natural materials consider as environment friendly
- Fried olive oil in the production of soap is consider best management in  terms of environment aspects
- Most types of industrial soap have hazardous materials that could lead to serious problems on human health such as disorder in children’s eyes, and skin irritation; while olive oil is  close to zero danger, this phenomena lead us to encourage people to use olive oil soap and other plants oils products, in this way olive oil soap has no environment impact either on human, animal, plants or soils.
- In terms of environment impact, we could collect soap pieces which collected from hotels, houses to be treated again, and reform into new products such as shampoo and soap with beautiful shapes and colors. This process will make people to adopt the recycling culture in their minds.       

Olive oil soap manufacturing is very valuable for households income and human hygienic levels which  will be easily to be sustained, transferred, and duplicated :
- we have divided participants into two groups, first group concern in planting herbal plants (mint, thyme, basil,…etc) while second group preparing collecting olive oils, and used soap residue, the two groups worked together to prepare the soap in new shapes and colors, the idea of this is to support poor rural women and encourage new comers to invest with them for more sustainable production of olive oil soap.
- Olive oil soap manufacturing creating job opportunities for rural women to increase their incomes.
-  Olive oil soap manufacturing stimulates rural women to collect aromatic and medicinal plants and dry them.
- Olive oil soap manufacturing encourage establishing new projects of small-scale industries.

- Participantion in Olive oil festival in order to show off oilve oil soap during festival days for new consumers
- Brochure manual production
- Participation in private sector activies through thier own commercial markets
- Establishing oilve oil soap corners in mall and big supermakrets
- Participation in Islamic Studies University pazzar
- Participation in TV and Radio programs
- Producion of oilve oil soap vitual adis at extension department, NCARE

Olive oil soap products exposition Olive oil soap products corner in olive oil festival 13th, Amman, Jordan
Olive oil soap products exposition Olive oil soap products corner in olive oil festival 14th, Amman, Jordan
Olive oil soap products exposition Olive oil soap products corner in olive oil festival 14th, Amman, Jordan