Transnational permanent platform for the competitiveness of the primary sector

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Socio-economic dynamics and global markets Socio-economic dynamics and global markets
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The platform represents the tool with which approaches and services are provided to the SMEs belonging to primary sectors. 
However, the transnational service platform for agricultural SMEs competitiveness doesn't represent a mere catalogue of services available for SMEs, but rather it constitutes a transnational virtual meta-cluster of SMEs that  cooperate, create synergies and aggregate critical mass.
Indeed, SMEs are able to interact not only with the project partners (business support actors for the competiveness) but also among themselves, triggering processes supporting the share of needs, the establishment of agreements and the promotion of joint businesses. 


International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies/ Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari - Italy

Lead applicant

The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (MAIB) is a Centre for post-graduate training, applied scientific research and design of in-loco partnership actions in the framework of the international cooperation programmes. It works in four thematic areas:

KASH - Albania

Initiative partner

KASH is the biggest organization reaching all sectors of Agriculture. KASH has 23 nationwide member associations with elected bodies in 12 Prefectures and 36 districts of the country. KASH mission is advocacy and promotion of the business that operates in agriculture. Advocacy is done through lobbying on legislative and executive organisms

Regional Agency for Small and Medium Companies Development, Novi Sad - Serbia

Initiative partner

Business Centre Osijek - Croatia

Initiative partner

Varna Economic Development Agency - Bulgaria

Initiative partner

Varna Economic Development Agency (VEDA) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental association, registered to operate in public benefit. It is located on the territory of Varna District in Bulgaria, East Europe.The agency was established in 1997 under the joint program of Varna Municipality and USAID to assist the advancement of regional economic development. Since 1998 VEDA is a member of the network of the Bulgarian Association of Regional Development Agencies and Business Centers (BARDA).

Politecnico of Milano - METID - Italy

Initiative partner


Initiative partner

L’obiettivo principale di WATERSTORE, LA PRATICA AGROFORESTALE oggetto del Presente BANDO , è di conciliare lL'AGRICOLTURA CON L'AMBIENTE attraverso nuove forme di governance dell'acqua. Più in generale mettere a punto e dimostrare l’efficacia di un processo innovativo progettato per massimizzare e ottimizzare l’uso delle acque meteoriche disponibili nelle zone rurali delle zone costiere. Questo processo innovativo include l’uso di un APPROCCIO INTEGRATO per analizzare i vari sottosistemi delle aree costiere, compresi i siti di interesse naturalistico (Natura 2000), le aree agricole e quelle destinate al turismo e agli scopi ricreativi. VENETO AGRICOLTURA è l'Azienda della Regione Veneto che "promuove e realizza interventi per l'ammodernamento delle strutture agricole, per la protezione del suolo agroforestale e per la migliore utilizzazione della superficie agraria, per lo sviluppo dell'acquacoltura e della pesca, con particolare riferimento alle attività di ricerca e sperimentazione nei settori agricolo, forestale ed agroalimentare e di sostegno al mercato." (L.R. 35/97 - art.2)." L'obiettivo che Veneto Agricoltura si è data nella gestione del patrimonio forestale regionale, e nella realizzazione di progetti-pilota di riqualificazione ambientale, è quello di garantire la conservazione degli equilibri naturali mediante l'applicazione di principi e scelte tecniche ecocompatibili e 'adozione di criteri sostenibili nell'uso delle risorse naturali.

Far away but at the same time close. A Transnational Permanent Platform which supports the competitiveness of the primary sector, by sharing tools and services that will foster business innovation and competitiveness as well as by creating a network among SMEs - http://network.app4inno.eu/

Our contribution to Feeding Knowledge Program could be the experience and the action we took in building the transnational platform, including its outfitting with IT support tools, as well as in its functioning, in terms of trained staff that provides services within the platform until the end of the project and after. Also our networking module in which the agricultural SMEs have the opportunity to interact and cooperate among themselves as well as with other players (partners, local/regional/national institutions, research bodies, agro-food industries, etc.) could be a good example of establishing synergies, at national and regional level creating community of agricultural service support actors and SMEs. 



App4Inno web platform App4Inno web platform

The South-East Europe area has to face the challenge of addressing the request for competitiveness and innovation with adequate tools and services in order to ensure a knowledge based economic growth.In Balcan countries there was a need of creating transnational networks among small and microenterprises capable of innovation.This need of increasing the competitiveness of agricultural SMEs, leveraging on the innovation potentials represented by the unique richness of high quality/traditional productions of the area, is the starting point from which the platform has been conceived through the partnership.


  • Increased capacity of the partner to support SMEs innovation and competitiveness
  • SMEs benefitting of the services provided by the transnational platform
  • Bilateral/multilatral cooperations among SMEs established via the transnational platform
  • Agro-food industries involved in the networks of SMEs
  • Local/regional/ National institutions interested by the services of the platform
  • Scientific bodies interested by the services of the platform
App4Inno - network Online Network

R&D and business support actors, which are also involved as partners.
SMEs from agriculture and agro-food business are involved and also act as aggregation nucleus
for a wide number of SMEs. Stakeholders are enterprises of the next segments of the productive
chains, scientific bodies of the agricultural sector, agricultural associations of entrepreneurs, and
final consumers.

Metid staff was responsible of the engineering of the platform as well as for the setting up of the IT infrastructure,with the support of external experts competent in ICT programming.

Two internal staff for each partner of project target countries supporting the Metid in: defining the architecture of the platform, constantly updating and feeding the Platform contents also in national languages, where needed, and providing services throughout the Platform and therefore supporting concretely SMEs.

All project partners contributed to co-design the platform structure and to organisation according to specific orientation provided by Metid during the training for the use of the platform. 

One staff member of each partner is also involved in the delivery of the services within the platform. 



Training Training on how to use the web platform of partners and stakeholders.

Agriculture is traditionally an economic sector rather rigid, bound to local habits and with an average age of the entrepreneurs higher than in other sectors. In this social and cultural environment, the introduction of changes and innovation is difficult and can be achieved only if objectives, targets, methodologies and tools are shared with the target groups, first of all the agricultural SMEs. For this reason the project makes the participation of the entrepreneurs  the fundament on which to base all activities, preparing a fertile ground for the expected results and impacts. The quality of the project permitted to increase the competences of the partners and SMES and the platform was attractive thanks to its friendly user modality so it was not difficult to create a large sharing and network on our platform. 

The platform gave the possibility to all partners, stakeholders and SMEs to actively follow webinars, to interact and communicate without the need to actually move from respectful countries so this initiative contributes to decrease the CO2 emissions. 

All our partnership states will work on following activities after the end of the project:

- maintenance of project portal and webinars  for SMEs’ benefit in a period of at least one year after  project completion

maintenance of partners web-sites, section “APP4INNO” with focus on project related information  and services for minimum 1 years after the project end.

- administration ,  up-loading  and sharing information in the face book group and APP4INNO platform – permanently.

- promotion of platform use by effectively communicating the positive impacts they may have on companies’ networking, image, business turnover and overall on their competitiveness.


We published following dissemination materials: 

- Press releases, publication of articles in magazines, newspapers in electronic and thematic media. 

Leaflets in all project languages in paper version. 

Promotional Brochure aiming at involving interested target group in the project implementation project.

We realised: 

Standard presentation. Transnational project events. 

App4Inno platform: www.app4inno.com/it/

App4Inno Brochure - press Page of App4Inno Brochure - press that explains the web platform
../file-system/small/pdf ../file-system/small/pdf App4Inno Brochure - online App4Inno Brochure - online
../file-system/small/pptx ../file-system/small/pptx Power Point Presentation of App4Inno Platform Power Point Presentation of App4Inno Platform