Empowering the Role of Schools in Agricultural Extension

Place: jordan, Asia
Sustainable development of small rural communities Sustainable development of small rural communities
Total Budget: € 30.000,00 | Period: From February 2009 To February 2014


Empowering young people through targeting students and their parents and the local community, using the school garden as a tool for Agricultural Extension, targeting the the students category is a unique methodology used for first time in the Jordan that showed concert impact and important contribution in improving food security in the country .The students school one of these resources that have not been taken into consideration in the past years by the agricultural extension to Raise environmental awareness among students, teachers and the community to become a daily behavior and approach of life. for sustainability of natural resources and the achievement of household and national food security and adapt and cope with climate change improve the behavior of the target groups to be adapted to climatic changes and increase environmental awareness in improved natural resource management 


National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension - Jordan

Lead applicant

Ministry of Agriculture in Jordan - Jordan

Initiative partner

Organization and development of the agricultural sector to achieve the following key objectives and in cooperation with the relevant authorities: 1 increases the production of food and agricultural products. 2-lasting agricultural use of natural resources without damaging the environment. 3 create the right climate for investment in the agricultural sector. 4 rural development and raise production capacity. 5. increase farmers' incomes and improve their standard of living. 6 to provide protection for the health of livestock and plant environment and active participation in international organizations for the competent regional and international conventions held in accordance with the asset used. 7 Ttoarat monitor the market and put the necessary legislation to regulate the marketing operations and raise their level. 8 improve the efficiency of irrigation water use at the farm level

Ministry of Education - Jordan

Initiative partner

To create and administer an education system based on “excellence,” energized by its human resources, dedicated to high standards, social values, and a healthy spirit of competition, which contributes to the nation’s wealth in a global “Knowledge Economy.”

Exploitation the schools yards and gardens by extension as natural lab to provide students the agricultural practices Knowledge skills and information, Raise environmental awareness, food security, development of teamwork, strengthen and support sense of national belonging, Build the capacity of students by learning by doing, Improve the psychological and social conditions and study orientation. Started from 2009- 2014, Schools were Selected based on the following criteria geographical distribution and availability of school gardens and some other facilities, for main cities was the over , leaving agriculture from new generation, Easy techniques to apply, Integration of young People in the local community.

Using the school garden as a tool for Agricultural extension  targeting the  students category is a unique methodology used for the first time in the Jordan that showed a concret impact and important contribution in improving food security in the country. The development of students sector means build a strong and effective community; Where the number of students in Jordan approximately 1.6 million student representing  about 30.1% of the population (Department of Statistics, 2012) in the various stages of education hence the interest by the Directorate of extension programs at the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension implemented systematic guidance programs for school students in most provinces of the Kingdom to help Public Agricultural extension to  Disseminate Agricultural information And extension services in effective ways in order to achieve its  goal in developing agricultural sector. 

Model of action plan fro field activitie Model of action plan for field activities
list of the goals of empowering schools goals of empowering schools in agricultural extension service
ornemental plants in school yards ornemental plants in school yards for a better environment

Jordan is one of the countries in the Middle East with limited natural resources, especially water resources, however, is characterized by the ability and efficiency of human capital where the youth more than  50 percent of the Jordan society .The students school one of these resources that have not been taken into consideration in the past years by the agricultural extension, especially with the increasing pressure on natural resources , The increase in poverty and unemployment in the educated youth in Jordan, Aims Agricultural Extension in Jordan to achieve the goals of agricultural development and of increasing and improving agricultural productivity and improve the standard of living of rural families and to maintain the sustainability of natural resources and the achievement of household food security and national and adapt and cope with climate change and the introduction of  alternative crop, and  try agricultural extension through the students 

../file-system/small/doc ../file-system/small/doc arabian organization report Arabian organization report on empowering the role of schools in Agricultural Extension in Jordan ( arabic Lanuguage report)

During the project period which about five years a number of schools have been involved  in Jordan in the various provinces to learn students and the local community on a number of agricultural practices and new agricultural technology to target groups :
     - Exploitation and establishing 15 garden in schools, Conducting 160 extensional activities( workshops, seminars, lectures, field training...etc)
Get extra income for schools for their activities,Creation of teamwork between the students and the local community and agricultural extension workers,900 trained students (.....),I

School training on food processing chool training on food processing
Training day on protected plants Training day on protected plants
field day on seedlings preparation field day on seedlings preparation

- High and middle Schools, Vocational school: extra curricula activities, Garden & Landscaping.
- Students and their families: orientation of students preparing for agro-enterprises, raising awareness, successful producer.
- Local community: Reaching the poorest to required new knowledge, skills and technology, generating income, reducing poverty improve live hood, successful producer.
- Administration staff teachers, Directors: extra curricula activities, raising awareness.

harvest of medical plants harvest of medical plants by local community
local community One of the targets of the project is local community
school involved in the project One of the project targets is the schools

This initiative performed and planned by
o Eng. Kamal Rahahleh, B.Sc Plant production, Project Director, Extension department at  NCARE
o Eng. Yousra Suleiman, B.Sc Plant production, Project coordinator, Extension department at  NCARE

Associated Project staff in the field consist of the following:
• Field extension agents (15  ) from NCARE  for Implementation and follow-up
• Researchers Provide technical assistance and consulting in some specialized topics (e.g. gray water)• students -100(student comity)  Specialized team for the implementation of field activities
• 900 target group( Participate and contribute to the presence of activities)
• schools teachers  15 Formation of working groups of students and follow up the implementation of activities
• schools directors15 The people concerned in facilitating the  task
• Council parents and families of students members of the local community
• They are main target group, Laborers12 Assist in the implementation of some activities of field

There are some difficulties represented by the of financial and administrative procedures to provide some supplies to do the activities, in addition as when agreed to set up some activities with one of the directors of the school transported to another place and be replaced by other management uncooperative and will take some time to convince them to this work in addition to securing some purchases take time because bureaucratic procedures in a timely manner, so it has been To solve this problem borrowing from some agricultural supplier with later payments, some Facilities have broken down  in schools after office hours by some of the abusers.
Extension services in Jordan suffers from lack of extension agents number which about 60 ones to cover whole country, the project aiming to share this mission with new generations through  the school students which scattered across Jordan.

Raise environmental awareness among students, teachers and the community to become a daily behavior and approach of life which might lead to sustainability aspect, students will have this attitude in their minds and their behavior whether in their schools, homes, streets.  
Reducing the use of chemicals
Reduce environmental pollution from such as re-use of gray water
Provide extra income for schools so that they can increase students Activities
The transfer of experience to implement at the level of the family and provide extra income
Contribute to social and behavior change towards a more positive and effective
Dealing with schools as a tool Share ideas and concepts where schools scattered all over the country
Using simple and inexpensive Farming techniques

Striving to enhance the public’s awareness and understanding of water conservation issues, methods and practices. Promoting the efficient use of water, our most precious resource, Due to fluctuation rainfall from year to year and limited water resources Jordan is considered  the fourth poorest state in the water the initiative focused on  raise awareness of water issues among students and train them on practical experiences to face water shortages and risks associated with it, Water saving methods for irrigation and home use, gray water, water harvesting from the roofs of schools buildings, and re-used to irrigate school gardens, Installation of drip irrigation system.
Increasing green cover by planting fruit and forest trees, ornamental plants, drought-tolerant plants in uncultivated areas to contribute to improve the proportion of oxygen in the air to cope and adapt to climate change and to impart view aesthetic.
Improving the behavior of the target groups 

Returning to the Land Role play - dissemination messages for new generations - video
Role play - benefits of the training on school students The girl has told her parents about the benefits of the training

We have developed the following dissemination methodology as follows:
• Mass Media links with national T.V daily live program and Radio
• extension Massages in news papers
• Dissemination of brochures
• Dissemination of booklet
• conducting workshop
• In each year, NCARE condut a “Project presenation” among all  extension agents in order to share ideas and learned lessons for all implented projects. 
• conductingn grand ceremony in schools under patronage of  Director-General of NCARE and Director of Proviance Education attended senior officials and a large gathering of the local community and the families of students, and Providing them summery about the activities done and there was introduced play in front of a grand ceremony Make a play during which describes the objectives of the program and benefit it has been learned also provide of poetry clause shows the importance of belonging to the cultivation has been submitted the plastic house for the school as a gift

brochure for national campaign brochure for national campaign