10 cents high nutriant long shelf life meal to overcome global hunger

Place: egypt, Africa
Food consumption patterns: diet, environment, society, economy and health Food consumption patterns: diet, environment, society, economy and health
Total Budget: € 1.000,00 | Period: From September 2014 To


 Huge amounts of food donates to food banks remain go to waste as some of them receive excessive amounts of perishable food daily that exceed there distribution and storage facilities
This project aims to make use of such food  to feed more hungry people inside or across borders  ,It aims to double or treble  number of beneficiaries  of donated food  and  enable  each food bank to supply other banks across borders with the surplus of  food  it has ,it aims to turn perishable  food into long shelf life delicious high nutrient light weight , first of a kind meal in which we called it THE BOP BURGER   to be exported to other food banks , where it can be sold through a contracted restaurants chain around the globe, or distributed in crises locations
Poor can order their meal from restaurants with dignity using special coupons, other customers can order also the meal but with higher price, food bank can deal with investors to take the responsibility of food processing, and distribution.



Lead applicant

Egyptian food bank - Egypt

Initiative partner


Initiative partner

innovative green energy solutions provider

As of 2013, half of all food is wasted worldwide (British I M E)-Not only does this waste attract vermin, it emits odors and liquids that are toxic to the environment, also the methane gas generated from food waste is 20 to 25 times more potent than C O 2 as a greenhouse gas that forms negative impact to the environment and climate change, food banks play great rule in preserving environment and fighting hunger , however huge amounts of donated food to food banks go to waste daily mainly because of its perishable nature and limited storage and distribution facilities , up to 1.5 ton of donated food to Egyptian food bank only go to waste daily ,please just imagine the huge wasted amount by food banks on world scale the questions are can we extend the self life of such food to use it for feeding more hungry people inside and across borders? , can food banks around the globe supply each other with surplus food they have?

The project aims to turn over the surplus food donated to food banks that usually go to waste into first of a kind long shelf life durable, light weight, high nutrient BOP burger to feed more hungry people
-it makes it possible for the first time to food banks around the globe to supply each others with the surplus of food they have instead of send it to waste
-the innovative pre cooked meal much suits crises locations where it can be prepared using just solar energy (foldable solar cooker) when no other energy resources available
-offering the meal through restaurants chain makes beneficiaries feel of dignity, they may sell there coupon to get money for other purposes when needed
-the burger can be sold for non beneficiaries customers with high price and the money can be used for banks activities
-the meal itself can be free beneficiaries may just pay fee for restaurant's service that also makes them feel with dignity and enter restaurants that otherwise not possible for them to enter    

We are ENERGY GLOBE award winners we are the winners of ENERGY GLOBE award Austria and honored by Austrian embassy http://www.energyglobe.info/awards/details/awdid/4765/
We are U N D P award winners we are the winners of U N D P/I D E A S S/E B N international award on human development innovations and honored in the Royal academy of sciences Brussels http://www.ideassonline.org/pic/doc/GreenEnergyEgypt.pdf
We are the winners of A O I award we are the winners of A O I award
We are the winners of Asian Tigers award we are top 3 Asian Tigers award
We are the winners of SOLVER MINE award we are first winner of solver camp competition
10 cents first ever BOP burger to overcome global hunger how to make it possible for food banks around the globe to cooperate together to overcome global hunger how to make use of surplus of donated food to food banks to feed more hungry people how to double or triple beneficiaries form food banks and make it possible for them to access to more hungry people how to increase shelf life of publishable food donates to food banks

As of 2013, half of all food is wasted worldwide (British IME)- some food become waste before it ever reaches the table as the pre-consumer restaurants kitchen waste, which could be incorrectly prepared food, , trim waste, or simply overproduction, the estimated food waste by Egyptian food bank only is 1.5 ton per day =up to 450 ton of  nutritious, perfectly edible food that can be used to feed hungry people inside and outside Egypt , we can just imagine the huge amounts of such food lost just from food banks around the globe, the perishability, and different varieties of donated food was main problems to achieve this target thus we developed the BOP BUGER , an all- in- one high nutritious light weight , precooked meal that is delicious, includes all the needed vitamins and proteins for healthy life , favorable , and distributable all over the world to feed world s hungry people       

we are in alfa and beta test for our product , the initatve needs cooperation of sevtal food bankes ,and  or an international organization to apply the project on world scale 

the initiative targets poor hungry people  not just in Egypt but around the globe , if it may be applied by an international organization the benefits can be great, in a survey by researcher for 10 persons of  targeted segment for the project , all exposed  there interest in hamburger as a food particularly that its components come from reputable restaurants that offer best food for high class people,  they exposed confidence in BOP burger than that offers by other famous known manufacturers  because it is not manufactured for commercial purposes (the project is not targeting gaining profits thus no need to add suspected meat or components to the product ) they also feel very happy as the project will give them opportunity to enter restaurants with their  families as same as rich people even if they may pay  fee  for restaurant service . 

MASER EL KHAIR and Egyptian food bank both offer financial support, the innovator ( the applicant Ahmed Ismail Megahed  Abdallah ) works with the support of technical team from the Egyptian food bank , the project is in progress . I contacted some international organizations and OXFAM UK orders details, its now under its examination 

Reducing weight and increasing shelf life of the meal as can it possible to suit export –
- using solar energy to reduce manufacturing costs
-the taste should be delicious
-health concerns
-how can we attract the attention of international organizations to the importance of this project, without global cooperation the benefits of the project remain limited within just inside  Egypt

-financial support for alfa and beta tests  

The project can too much reduce the amount of odors and liquids emits to environment by wasted food and also reduce methane gas generated from food waste that is toxic to the environment, and first of all it can contribute positively for the environment by conserving part of huge amounts of water, energy, labor, land and energy that go every year to produce food that no one consumes 

this is a sustainable project in which its benefits can be increased and flourished course of time by cooperation of international organizations around the globe, hungry people increases world wide due to continuous increase in food prices, land corrosion, desertification , world population, --- also natural resources (water , land , energy ---)to increase food production are very limited , thus reducing food waste will remain the shortest and fastest way to overcome global hunger  

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