Heart of Kanazawa nurture in dietary education "food of Kanazawa And culture "

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Food consumption patterns: diet, environment, society, economy and health Food consumption patterns: diet, environment, society, economy and health
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 "Food" is the source of life that is essential for us to continue to live, cultivate rich humanity cultivate a healthy body and mind for the life of us, fundamental in helping to live "food education" it is what it is. Not only government conduct, "food education" is what making a specific efforts each and every citizen of the various position plays a leading role becomes a collaboration of society as a whole, will be promoted. By installing was headed by the mayor to "promote food education practice headquarters", we are developing a project in 4 categories.
(1) I raise the people to cherish the value related to food  (2) I raise a person to practice the diet improvement for health maintenance (3) I grow people think environmental protection and food
(4) I raise the people to enjoy the experience production agriculture to support the food.

It is an initiative that "the mind and the environment and culture and nature" that makes the personality of the local city of Japan is fused.


Kanazawa City Hall - Japan

Lead applicant

Municipal organization was enacted in 1889, 468.22 square kilometers in area, (1 June 2014) 464,303 people, mountains continuing from Hakusan mountain range south of the city limits accounts, Kanazawa northern through the Kanazawa plain, and faces the sea of Japan, we are blessed with a natural environment mountain and sea, such as water and green. Has a relaxed atmosphere among Japan, it is one of the few towns where there is a unique food and arts. There are many things you should take to protect inherited grow hence. It is a part that was most conscious there Upon promote "food education", you will need to continue to inherit the posterity. Also in the background of any cuisine, there is a family get-together, thanks to the work, thanks to the food and nature, greeting meals, manners, clean up, clean up the trash, point of dietary education contains lots of . Our aim is exactly that attitude engaged in food from cooking one is nourished,'s the "food education"

Kanazawa food education promotion practice headquarters - Japan

Initiative partner

Kanazawa food education promotion practice headquarters was organized in June 2007, continues to day-to-day activities in the following contents. 1. Promotion of business to be conducted in private organizations And business development of citizen participation by dietary education campaign, etc. • Promotion reunion of family through food • (Production experience, distribution experience, cooking experience) food culture business experience in Kanazawa 2. Promotion of business that Kanazawa to implement Efforts home, school, in nursery-kindergarten Dietary education karuta, breakfast menu contest, such as the promotion of food education in elementary and junior high schools Efforts to improve eating habits in the region Kanazawa version Food Guide, food education promote volunteer activities, such as food environmental improvement 3. Outgoing overall dietary education of the Kanazawa Dissemination of nutrition education practice case studies public-private collaboration

Kanazawa diet improvement Promotion Council - Japan

Initiative partner

So that we can each and every citizen is to improve the diet itself, and strive for the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and the promotion of health, diet and various activities while recognizing the challenges of the current situation, utilizing the features of eating habits improvement promotion personnel to help you make the correct provision of information about, encourage behavior change of citizens. To carry out practical activities generous in cooperation with government in order to inherit the food culture unique Kanazawa has further.

One of the sect of Buddhism in the "Zen" and then recite the "Gokan no ge"before the meal, but there is a sentence "weigh the coming treatment of his measure the success of some" in the first sentence . And that I think the feelings of cook to tackle gcooking seriously while imagining a scene that could ingredients and know to know the origin of the ingredients before you get the food, or those where it was caught, the way of cooking it, "I will not teach how to hold the mind of the "side get. Founder of Eiheiji "Dogen" was noted in the "Tenzo lesson", mind you make polite I thought not forget the joy of entertaining and joy to make, the position of the other party, and that, make a big heart deeply Discard the trapped and "three There is a teaching of the mind ". There are taught that, make a big heart deeply abandoned the "three hearts". Our "food education" is a project that focuses on where you grow a person who can sympathize daily called "get a life".

And eating what was harvested in and around engaged in life original thing daily meals should was a "local production for local consumption", but all over the country, so that it will be able to get the same food distribution is flourishing as now When it comes to, local produce even whether the food that is harvested when in season and what was none, you no longer know. So we worked by the public system or "Kanazawa food education Karuta" and "breakfast menu Competition" with the goal to create a tool that was the theme of eating habits of Kanazawa First, to get back at the day-to-day.
Stated in Karuta, it is also about 4000 points of submissions in the public offering of Yomifuda, I was able to know ask the height of the interest in the food of the citizens.
In that it is covered by eating out opportunity of cooking at home has worn many, it is possible that food culture that can not be made easily at home, such as "cuisine of sunny" also touch easily. 

Applicants breakfast menu contest using local ingredi Applicants breakfast menu contest using local ingredients
Best breakfast menu menus Colorful local produce so many are aligned
Kanazawa dietary education Karuta Two types of lower grades for the elementary school for which was made from about 4000 points public offering
Part of the Kanazawa dietary education Karuta Wisdom of life is full on the back of Yomifuda

There was an incident that pesticide contamination of rice industry and that eight years ago, has been grown in areas of Japan back from now is diverted to edible. It was the incident that you can sell to Koji machining be mixed contamination of rice one about 10% in edible rice, that sold as cracker of their products, food safety and security has been threatened. People who were trusted to protect the lives of consumers is the moral of the food business operators did not fully hide the anger and surprise.Compliance is also important, but that you wear the power to go correctly selected at the discretion of the food of their own is also an important point of view of this project. Furthermore, in the Great East Japan Earthquake Japan during experienced in 2011, measures of food distribution and includes a threat of nature has been highlighted. Both are issues related to the security of the food, but it is what now, skills of people who are engaged in the life is required. 

Let's have a rare Kaga vegetables can be taken in Kanazawa Grow more and more efforts to be consumed by local vegetables that are locally grown.
Tradition and food festival to thank the rich harvest In Japan, there is a festival at the shrine of the village shrine in spring and autumn. The original meaning of the "festival" is a ritual to pray food to grow in abundance this year in that area. And cooking rice cakes using the harvest is served at that time.
Workshops cardboard compost making It is possible to change the fertilizer of the field the bones of fish and vegetable waste out at home.

I think in recent years, observation force in the life of the deprived in, had been cultivated in daily life from many natural living environment and have been missing. For example, what may probably have been cultivated in education and learn the name of the vegetables as knowledge in a facility that has been artificially created?We have a sense of mission and sense of urgency. The definition of Slow Food, and listen to protect the producers who give us protect the cuisine and traditional ingredients, the ingredients of good quality, and are used in point of view, but if grasped in a broad sense, at home from childhood it Would not than may be said with nostalgic memories of taste and cuisine uplifting to eat well? I think so that there is foundation of human life that Of Human Bondage thus ties between parents and children there. Is not only beautiful to the eye, as a dietary education stare reality, dietary education of the Kanazawa has the "My kind of food education" to powerful.

Field of agriculture school children Children to do the farming experience a series of sowing, cultivation, management, until harvest. The exceptional moment to chew on the joy of harvest.
Get to know the importance of food After you learned about consumption to cooking from early morning tour of the wholesale market, and cooking less dust, taste the whole fish.
Shopping for children cooking school The visits to Omicho market seeking ingredients to use in the dish of the day school, get someone's measure.
Diet guide for young people (1) Create a DVD of "Let's eat breakfast" as a message to the young people in their twenties, and distribute high school, to college, you are also posted to you tube.
Diet guide for young people (2) Create a "How to take advantage of the convenience store" message to the young people in their 20s, distribute high school, to college, you are also posted to you tube.

In order for the project to last, that there are about "food education" "to know deeply" First person is important.To do so, it is necessary that one end can be seen in everyday life. Also widely memorabilia that has been inherited carefully until today is part of the "food education", but "people who support" in order to be one of the advertising for the city to exert individuality only and continue to have a personality you will must be always present.
We've created a guide book that brought together a thing about the culture and traditions surrounding food in the region.
As a result, it issued a guide book to the next, we are working to spread. Of course, by placing the official website, I have an ingenuity necessary pages easily, such as draw.
I was conscious to make you know the "dietary education of only one" seems to Kanazawa in this one book. Of course, I'm going to incorporate the origin does not change even after decades of "food education".

Case (1) utilizing the Kanazawa diet guide Dish taste of home that behave in a festive meal and festivals such as "Ebisu" New Year. Taste acceleration is different in each family.
Case utilizing Kanazawa diet guide (2) Let's cook the fish caught in the region.
../file-system/small/ppt ../file-system/small/ppt [Cooking and eating habits] Kanazawa diet guide Section that incorporates the "unprovoked" with a recipe for a traditional dish.
../file-system/small/ppt ../file-system/small/ppt [Tradition] Kanazawa food diet guide Section incorporating that food culture events, manners, specific, I want to tell all year round.
../file-system/small/ppt ../file-system/small/ppt [Useful information] Kanazawa diet guide Sections that incorporate guide of marine products and agricultural crops, Food Guide for Health Promotion, the navigation of eating out.

Dietary education of the Kanazawa are being promoted in the clear "foster the people" the goal either, but "to foster a life, get a life, to cherish the life" concept is. It is the environment adjacent to the woodlands Satoumi of Noto got the certification of world agricultural heritage for the first time in Japan, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in 2011 by the (FAO) also lucky, efforts were linked to the "food equal life" looks familiar because it is a city that is blessed, to convey the meaning of the value of food in Kanazawa represented "itadakimasu", "gotisousama", “mottainai”,"omotenashi" such as "hospitality" to the efforts of one by one, have repeatedly devised. The four categories that Kanazawa has been deployed, is located in the efforts of all the "tell the work" makes sense "grow people" clogging. But instead of forcing it to follow the past, it is because it aims to notice it is told, that the inheritance will develop new awareness is born from there.

Person (1) who have engaged in the practice Yoshie Niizawa Professor of Hokuriku Gakuin University College of Food and Nutrition Department, the person who to support food education propelled sew between classes and research.
Person (2) who have engaged in the practice Terada Takashi child and "Papa of the field", which started its own agriculture for food education practice genuine. Beside you serve the Secretary General of agriculture cheering children, in the hills to the emergence of insects and wild boar, and continue to fight with the natural laws.
Person(3) who have engaged in the practice Chairman Mr. Ryo Matsushita Kaga vegetables save social gathering is, the person who was taught for junior all the knowledge you have. Publication has been acclaimed.
../file-system/small/ppt ../file-system/small/ppt Organization of practice headquarters I have recommended a dietary education members of this organization is lobbying to relevant organizations in the city.

Was born from the workings that are in harmony with nature over a long time is food, you may be treated just like put a price on goods. Food Education Basic Law from satisfied in particular, events entwined in food as fashion epidemic has been planned and executed. There was also an event to become a motivation, but I think there is no possibility of ending as skyrocket once only, memorable, as was some of the level in question is a waste of funds.
Why prices are high and to say to people who make a living in the food, and not the market, that can not be used is so certain, but a vicious cycle flows into the region often benefit from not sought to reverse exists. I think it is not a problem can be solved right now, but I want to grow steadily the people that you can look at the economy and society to these.If you want to be healed and sick, you, Do you want me what diet? It would be dishes made from ingredients that are in everyday at home probably. "Food education" has led to there.

Agricultural Festival Food Education Corner Scene that is a bridge that connects food education and agriculture. I'd love to imagine that the producers after the game fun.
Care of the national convention in uniforms Matching Was the hospitality and wholeheartedly in the national convention of diet improvement Promotion Council, which comes a once in about '45.
Promotional activities, "the day of the food education" Let's eat dinner the whole family, "the day of the food education" is the 19th of each month. I handed out pocket tissue advertising in the city.

Ties tradition and technology festivals, beautiful scenery, rich creatures grace, has been passed to protect many of the agriculture, forestry and fisheries brought about by, is what all of which follow the workings of "food". However, as will be ridiculed and satiation nation in the world, including the school lunch, is located in the status quo interest in solid waste restaurant, or convenience store is low in Japan.
In our project, of Wangari Maathai of Kenya that have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in the environmental field and "MOTTAINAI"
And disseminate the activities in mind that 850 million people are also living people "food" is not sufficient in the world is not easy, but such that its thinking is attached to the body naturally, especially children I will never forget the dissemination of to.
Consider the act of "waste", you may get hit with the problem of food hygiene at times, that there is a need to overlay a large study from the viewpoint of environmental cycling.

Learn the way of cooking to reduce the dust Eating skin of carrots also core of onion without leaving using until the last minute also important dietary education activities.
Let's make the sushi in the "milk carton was finished using" from Kanazawa Traditional dishes that are most beloved Kanazawa are enjoyed from all ages can "push sushi". Even without a wooden frame, I can easily in a familiar material.
Spread sheet "How to eat fish" Eating well and not waste the life we have received also important dietary education activities.

At home of Kanazawa persimmon is fruitful when it comes to fall, there to wait hung in the eaves and peeled, and from drying naturally, to eat sure to allow suitable time is "persimmon" is astringent that can not be eaten as it is. It is one of the dried fruit, but it is a blessing from nature that can be easily made anywhere at home. That means homemade, image that may be in a safe and healthy is springing immediately.To face up to the process of making is not a basis to lead to trust, be run continuously. I believe in this way, that those who consume those who produce to continue longer understand each other is it most effective. And when you get down to it, savvy on the side get the food and savvy on the side that provides the food is already expressed in each case, as well as the role of life-sustaining, "food" Produce a place where minds and hearts of people to interact you are aware that you have, that it is necessary to increase the sensitivity in their respective positions.

Inheritance of fermented foods using Koji Fermented foods that are common in the Sea of ​​Japan side, wisdom of life that survive the winter. Tell a seminar the importance that you inherit the posterity.
Leaflet to the younger generation Leaflet was aware of the dietary education of Kanazawa message to children and young parents.
../file-system/small/ppt ../file-system/small/ppt Introduction of Practice Practice of relationship many organizations that give us the strength to us

 Until now, as has been described, our project is food education activities there is no end to the "grow people". I will continue to approach to the "cultural heart and Kanazawa nurture in food" in a variety of ways in the future. And we plan to set up a strategy to re-examine the day-to-day, while maintaining cooperation with relevant organizations of many, to grow "food education" "Meguraseru thoughts" a lot of people also alone.Do you want to add to the last, it is an initiative that attempts to practice the distribution of agricultural products of the kitchen garden scale. "Agricultural face-to-face" to sell will be responsible for the crops that were cultivated It is the responsibility of, is an effort that so far has also been found, but to continue to continue, including food safety and security, the soil making it is essential is.As a future vision of one of the food education promotion, I will recommend this "Life with agriculture." 

Cooking exchanges with friends in Korea, Taiwan Lunch was made ​​together with your foreign friends were invited Ishikawa Prefecture to "swallow Forum". It would have been the best taste.
Karuta tournament over generations Recreation using the Carta made ​​with citizens. Challenge to memorize the Yomifuda. Small friends cheer in your drawing. It is for people who talk about the food of Kanazawa.
Men also active in cooking Independence of the food is also an important issue. Activities start the motto health longevity.