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Sustainable management of natural resources Sustainable management of natural resources
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This project is a radio programme which is broadcasted by a public radio broadcast service called in Turkish "Meteorolojinin Sesi Radyosu" in English "Voice of Meteorology". The programme concepts depends on sustainability, climate change, global warming, carbon emission, greenhouse gasses, meteorological dissasters and renewable energy etc... It has been broadcasted by Voice of Meteorology Radio Stations belongs to Turkish State Meteorological Service for almost 50 years in FM frequency over whole Turkey with 28 broadcasting stations. Voice of Meteorology Radio has the second overspreaded broadcasting network in Turkey after TRT (Turkish Radio and Television).  The programme, Yeşil Radyo, has been presented by a radio presenter who is meteorologist and renewable energy expert. It is presented sometimes by himself or with a introducer or with a on-air guest who has some expertises on the subjects those Yeşil Radyo accepts as main topics. 


Metosfer Energy Engineering and Meteorological Services Trading Limited Company - Turkey

Lead applicant

Voice of Meteorology - Turkey

Initiative partner

Broadcasting services served by Turkish State Meteorological Service such as weather and marine forecasting, meteorological extreme events warnings, meteorological and climatological documentaries and informing, and other subjects which are related natural and social sciences etc...

Turkish State Meteorological Service - Turkey

Initiative partner

The main objectives of the TSMS are: To make observations, To provide forecasts, To provide climatological data, archive data, and other information, To communicate these to the public, To provide meteorological needs of army and civil avition.


There are many academic and theoretical words on sustainable life style around. However much percentage of people doesn't know what it is and how useful it is for people and nature. Less percentage of people study and think on it, write about it in articles, speak in huge congress hall, make some decision to survive it etc... Majority of society either has not heard anything about it or has just heard only its name. 

This project aimed to announce what the sustainable life and its components are by using a large-spreaded radio broadcasting over Turkey. 

Fotovoltaics and Meteorology What kinds of meteorological parameters effect fotovoltaic technology...

As a developing country, Turkey and its community newly started to notice climate change, its geographical and economic outputs, and these outputs' reflections on social and cultural. Turkish people gradually pays attention to the outputs and reflections of these human components. They should pass next level that they think about it and generate solution for them. Suchlike practices can create a way to bring people from unaware position to well informed level. Yeşil Radyo aimed at making people informed which climate change and its results can be stopped or slowed by human again via sound waves twice a week and 52 weeks a year.

Adressing people on-air Introducer and presenter are addressing Yeşil Radyo objectives via microphones...

Voice of Meteorology can reach people who live not only city centers but also country sides. Main part of audience is generally following meteorological weather and marine forecast for their region because of they are cultivating crops, raising livestock and fishing. To talk about renewable energy, greenhouse gasses and global warming effects audience positively in the name of awareness on world or earth problems. This method is like a subliminal message for people who's main goal is listening weather reports and some musics between reports. Lots of people write and give a call to Yeşil Radyo programmer about subject discussed last programme. These questions and comments are tangible results of Yeşil Radyo initiative.

Diagnostic on Youtube Yesil Radyo channel There is a Youtube channel contains all Yesil Radyo programmes inside and open for people to give feedback about subject discussed.

The real beneficiaries of Yeşil Radyo are people who are related with the science in general and meteorology in specific. Many of audience is following the radio, Voice of Meteorology, in order to reach knowledge, information and warnings about the weather. So we can easily say the group of people who listen the radio are filtered and classified otomatically in the point of needs. 

PV Activities and reflactions in April 2014 7th April 2014, what is happening in renewable energy sector and what does people think about them...

Main performer of the initiative is Dr. Levent YALÇIN. An assistance assist the main performer by introducing, asking and directing. Guests who join the Yeşil Radyo programme as an expert on some of main subjects of it are also other performers. 

There are also technical broadcasting personel employed by Voice of Meteorology. They are director, producer, sound man and mounter. 

One of guest of Yeşil Radyo Guests are also performer for Yeşil Radyo... One of them, an admiral retired, Ergun MENGI.
../file-system/small/pdf ../file-system/small/pdf Voice of Meteorology Personnel List All performers for Voice of Meteorology Radio as technical and management side and also producers...

Designing a radio programme and announce it to main target group is certainly hard and expertise needed. I, as a designer and producer of Yeşil Radyo, decided to define my deficiencies and overcome method. So I got a course about radio programme producing and presenting it on air. Certificate of the course are attached. 

Then I prepaired a mailing list containing audiences contact info to announce Yeşil Radyo and its guests and its subject which we talk about for that week.

Announcement for audiences An announcement is distributed regularly to audiences by emailing...
Certificate for radio programmer a course certificate that shows abilities for producing and hosting a radio program

Yeşil Radyo concept has actually subjects about sustainability such as energy savings, sustainable living, green gas effect, climate change, renewable energy etc... People who Voice of Meteorology's signal reaches start to think about these highlights nolens volens. So we can say Yeşil Radyo has  direct environmental impact on tousands of people.

debate on climate change, February 2014 What is happening on climate change over globe, 10th February 2014

Because of it is a radio program, there is an opportunity to reach a wide range of people at a time. Due to sustainability and duplicability we save all program voice file and convert them into video format in order to put them to a video sharing web site youtube.com with the name of "yesilradyo". Some of followers who can not catch the program on radio or who wants to listen the program again can easily reach by entering youtube web site. This channel also give a chance to the followers to give feedback which corrects, confirms or directs us. 

A few radio station especially broadcasted on internet offered us to produce like this programs on their stations. But we have not accepted these offers, yet!

Youtube / YesilRadyo youtube user yesilradyo has all video formats of all Yeşil Radyo programs broadcasted on radio station

Original and innovative methodologies in order to disseminate Yeşil Radyo to people, we use modern technological ways. Youtube and facebook and also emailing are some of tools to disseminate and promote Yeşil Radyo talks. 

Gmail contacts There is a emailing list that has almost 5000 contacts from meteorology, energy and climate sectors in academic, public and commercial...
facebook yesilradyo people who follows me from facebook can also follow Yeşil Radyo records...
Yeşil Radyo FV Mevzuatı Green Radio PV Legislation in Turkey