Quality and controlled beef production from "Kompleksi Maçi 2003" in Albania

Place: albania, Europe
Quantitative & qualitative enhancement of crop products Quantitative & qualitative enhancement of crop products
Total Budget: € 1.800,00 | Period: From September 2003 To


Maçi Complex – 2003 is one few modern beef cattle organic farms established in Albania. It is located near the Shkumbin river in the village of Çermë, inside the famous agrarian district of Lushnja, otherwise known as the bread basket of Albania. The Maci complex has a capacity to hast between 600 to 1,200 calves per year. The calf beef produced is certified organic and of exceptional quality. Much of these product reach the best restaurants of Tirana, Durres, Fier, Lushnje, Elbasan and their respective markets. The complex is equipped with modern facilities used to store concentrates, hay, and other fodder. Has fully furnished offices with state of the art computers and administrative offices. The complex is surrounded by around 1000 olive trees that provide additional income to the farm as well as a relaxing view and interesting place to visit.


Maçi 2003 Complex - Albania

Lead applicant

The Maçi Complex - 2003 has an investment of 1.8 million Euros, This farm rented 90 hectares of land used for fodder concentration production which is used during the year on the complex. On this farm are employed 10 people full time. The Maçi Complex - 2003 is dealing only with beef cattle fattening and a live cattle beef trade. The complex fatters around 1200 heads of beefs per year. This complex is with long tradition in breeding calves for fattening and use modern technology to their fattening process. In addition on this complex are also cultivates olives. It is a farm partly under water, with full mechanization.

Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Administration - Albania

Initiative partner

It is a governmental entity which has on is focus: Agriculture and livestock; rural development, water administration, advisory servise for farmers, fisheries, irrigation and drainage, food safety...

Agriculture Technology Transfer Center, Fushe Kruje - Albania

Initiative partner

Applied research activities/technology development in the sector of agriculture, livestock, land&water, integrated farm management. Technology transfer activities as well as know-how in agriculture and livestock production. Scientific and technical information activities. Specialization and training activities. Charged activities with laws and regulations. Studies and proposals on specific activities.

Beef is in high demand in the Albanian market. The Maci family was aware of this and decided to invest in this portion of Albanian agriculture sector were the success was almost guaranteed. It took advantage also of the long tradition of the area of Çerma near Lushnje that had been dealing with cattle breeding for years. On the other side, the area is placed in a very strategic area near the big cities of Lushnje, Durres and Tirane, as well as close to resort areas located on the Adriatic sea beaches that are full of restaurants and fast food locations. The Maci complex offers also to meat processing industry large amount of beef. Possibilities for export do exist as well.

Maci Complex-2003 uses an innovative technology that is based entirely on organic farming methods. The fodder provided to feed the animals comprise on-the-farm organically grown products such as maize, barley, soybean, sunflower, alfalfa and lolium hay mixed with well defined amounts of salt. The health conditions of the animals are controlled and monitored by the veterinary service of the farm  despite they receive the support of the specialists of the Ministry of Agriculture.  The farm include a total area of three hectares all irrigated with modern technology. The philosophy of the Maçi 2003 Complex is entirely based on the biological process of raising calves, offering customers 100% healthy beef meat.

The fodder provided to feed the animals The fodder provided to feed the animals
View from Maci Complex View from Maci Complex
View from the outside part of the farm View from the outside part of the farm

The Maçi 2003 Complex took advantage of the radical political, social and economic changes happening in Albania after the collapse of the Communist regime and engaged in a productive activity that merged tradition with modern technology. Calf beef production is much needed in the Albanian market and the demand will grow as the economic performance indicators show a positive trend yet for Albania, despite international financial and economic crisis. To be able to provide high quality beef, the Complex has the possibility to expand its capacity for up to 1,200 calves per year divided into two main compartments. The calves grows with a cycle of no more than 5 months before being slaughtered. At that age the highest meat quality is achieved. 

Calves growing inside the farm Calves growing inside the farm
View from the inside part of the farm View from the inside part of the farm

The result achieved are the best testimony of the success of this enterprise. It has captured a very good portion of the beef market in the country and especially in the capital city of Tirana where the local butchers and the most fancy restaurants have signed long-term calve beef contracts with the complex. Furthermore, the meat processing industry in the country receives substantial quantity of meat from the Maci complex. Based on these results the owners of the complex are considering to expand their business in other areas of the district of Lushnje or elsewhere in Albania. Great potential exists also for exports, no matter this option is not yet been realized. In addition this practice has shown the economic advantage of beef calf production in modern facilities compared with those based on extensive grazing.

Beef calf production Beef calf production
View from the modern facilities View from the modern facilities

The main beneficiaries of this practice are:
- The consumers benefiting from high quality meat;
- The employees of the farm;
- Last but not least the farm owners;
- The environment by the reduced amount of chemical fertiliser use.

- Helping the agriculture for crop rotation by using a lot of forage crops;
- Helping agriculture by furnishing it with huge amount of organic manure fertilizers;
- Beginning of a vocational school for cattle breed farmers.


Employees of the farm Employees of the farm
Working process from the farm Working process from the farm

Maçi 2003 Complex employs 10 fulltime workers. In addition there many others that are connected with this initiative. They include several people who are working in the transportation sector, meat processing industry, meat and its products on marketing channels, people dealing with agriculture forage crop production and livestock husbandry. Finally there are veterinary and zoo-technical involved in daily activities of the farm 

Zoo-technical involved in daily activities of the farm Zoo-technical involved in daily activities of the farm

The implementation of this new initiative have passed through many difficulties. The most important were:
- Needs of initial big investment funds;
- Lack of pure cattle breeds for beef in the local market;
- Lack of surface land area to be at disposal of this initiative;
- Difficulty to find the proper qualitative fodder crops concentrates;
- High fee to be paid to the slaughtering houses;
- High transportation cost for yang calves often bought as far away as Poland and Ukraine;
- Unfair competition from cheaper low-quality meat;
- Lack of interest of young people to deal with livestock management;
- Lack of government policies and missing subsidies to support high quality local beef production;

There is no any negative impact on the environment. On the contrary the complex promote and encourage the use organic manure as a substitute of chemical fertilizers both inside the farm and the remains are distributed for free to the surrounding farms. 

Organic manure distributed to the other farms Organic manure distributed to the other farms
View from the surrounding farms View from the surrounding farms

There are no other similar big investments for beef meat production in Albania such as the Maci 2003 complex. However, thanks to its success, there are already signs that other local investors have shown interest to replicate its results. The owners themselves are considering opening a new complex soon. The other best aspect is that this farm has transformed also as a vocation training school for livestock management. The Complex has signed also contracts with Agriculture University of Tirana for the veterinary students to make there their practical testing's here.

The results of this practise are disseminated with very good results. From the time that the complex has started its activity there have been many visits from entrepreneurs interested in the calf beef cattle farming all over Albania. They all appreciate the technology applied and the respective results. Sure enough the Maci owners would like also to preserve their share of the beef market in the country and this could be done only through fair competition. 

Fair organized by Maci Complex Fair organized by Maci Complex
View from the visits of the MInister of Agriculture in the farm View from the visits of the MInister of Agriculture in the farm