The effect of kaolin application to apricot yield, quality and determination of effect to some abiotic stress conditions.

Place: turkey, Europe
Quantitative & qualitative enhancement of crop products Quantitative & qualitative enhancement of crop products
Total Budget: € 0,00 | Period: From June 2011 To June 2012


This study was planned to research the utilization possibilities of particle film technology described as kaolin applications in order to prevent yield and quality losses resulting from stress conditions such as temperature, radiation and drought or late spring frosts.
Applications of kaolin was carried out under either the conditions of traditional apricot cultivation or the conditions of non-irrigated   in apricots cultivation on Hacıhaliloğlu variety. In the study, the effectiveness of 3%, 5%, 6% doses kaolin applications at different vegetative and generative periods on yield and quality criteria (fruit size, firmness, total soluble solids (TSS), pH, total acidity and color values) of apricot, the amount of chlorophyll in leaf, total carotenoids in fruits and protective activity of kaolin against the late spring frosts occurring during buds and small fruits period were assessed. The results are important to farmers and applicable. 


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Resolve issues of apricot production, promote the production of Malatya Apricot, create a nome for Malatya apricot and also a label, enhance the export and market conditions for farmers, enhance the orchard production and certification.

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On olive and olive oil: -Data are collected and evaluated -Genetic resources are collected, evaluated and protected - İmprove the lab conditions and substructure - Education and publication -Applied researches are made in Aegean region -Grafting shoot are provided for breeder either official or nonofficial who are willing to making nursery The Vision of TAGEM; To improve the agricultural technology that the country needs within the country, To create a competitive R&D system in international level, To improve the standard of living in rural population, To produce agricultural policy, To consider the demands of target audience, To help solve the problems encountered by agricultural sector. To encourage the participation in research activities, To give priority to problem oriented, well-attended and multi-disciplinary projects, To improve research database and to monitor and evaluate the projects regularly, To transfer the results of the research to the users.

Use of Natural substances to improve THE quality and quantity of Local apricot variety IN malatya

Hacialioglu is local and traditional variety from Province of Malatya. This province is suitable for dry apricot production because of its climatic conditions. This product has an important economic value for the province and by its nutritional value it is very healthy for people. Kaolin application was done in order to prevent the yield and quality losses that are caused by abiotic stress conditions and late spring frosts. When applied kaolin covers the crown and protects buds from chilling injury.

Hacihaliloglu local variety Hacihaliloglu local variety of apricots originated from Malatya-Turkey.

Malatya is located in Central Anatolia Region where climatic conditions can be described as hot-dry summers and cold-snowy winters. This climatic conditions make this province very suitable for apricot cultivation. While cold winters let apricots to meet their chilling requirements, hot summers improves the quality of apricots. Hacihaliloglu local variety is well adapted to this climatic conditions. But on early spring frost may cause loss of yields because of chilling injury. It is economically important because the dried apricots are exported. From a cultural point of view it can be said that the product is a representative of Malatya, therefore Turkey to whole world.  Because 92% of the dried apricots of the world are being supplied from this region only. From socially point of view, it  contributes the rural development by contributing rural economy and households economically.  

Kaolin application kaolin was applied in apricot orchard.

By the use of kaolin, the apricots are protected from frosts. Protection leads an increase and improvement both in terms of quality and quantity. Kaolin can be used safely in regions where it is not possible to cultivate stone fruit, due to low temperature. The well qualified product preserves consumer health and it provides growers stable income. As a result, rural communities are developed socially and economically.

Kaolin application Kaolin application protect fruits from frost resulting better fruit quality and quantity.

Both apricot growers and apricot consumers are the real beneficiaries of the project. Growers, can use it to protect their yields from cold damage easily while consumers are having higher quality product.

This work was carried out by Apricot Research Directory, Olive and Olive oil Research Directory and The Foundation for Apricot Research, Development and Promotion(NGO). 

This work was carried out by Handan ATAOL ÖLMEZ from Olive and Olive Oil Reseach Directrory; Belgin Celik and Kadir Celık from Apricot Research Directory.  Results were evaluated together. Financial part of the project was covered by a NGO.

Opening ceremony for the project Opening ceremony for delivering project equipment.
People that are invilved on the field People that are involved on the field infront of Olive and Olive Oil Reseach Directrory.
People that are involved on the field People that are involved on the field: Handan ATAOL ÖLMEZ from Olive and Olive Oil Reseach Directrory; Belgin Celik and Kadir Celık from Apricot Research Directory.

On the risky orchards in terms of cold damage, pre-harvest application of kaolin might leave residues on fruits. Kaolin use is recommended at early fruit development stage in order to prevent this residue problem. Washing with pressurized water can be also done in order to clean visible residues from surface of fruits. In arid conditions kaolin application following harvest would improve the quality of products and increase yields without cold damage protection.
There are three application periods for kaolin. Kaolin that is applied to the fruit in the second period will protect the fruit from low temperature also problem of residue will be lower by washing fruit with water. In the third application residue level will increase but it has positive effect on fruit quality. Application in this period helps to increase Carotenoid level and nutritional value. Kaolin applied to the trees after harvesting the fruits, will improve quality and quantity for the next season.

Kaolin application Kaolin application on apricot orchard
Kaolin application preparations before application of kaolin
Preparation of kaolin Preparation for kaolin application.

This local variety is cultivated according to organic agriculture without using any synthetic products such as pesticides and fertilizers. In this way, human health and environment are preserved. Also  local variety belonging to this area is protected; Genetic erosion is prevented.

This local variety represents an example to other local varieties on the basis of the preservation of the product. By the use of kaolin, the apricots are not affected by spring frosts. Also, yield and quality become constant. This application can also be applied to different species which are sensitive to spring frosts such as almond, cherry etc. Kaolin is capable to save water into plant tissues so it can be used in dry conditions.


There have been published broschure and an article on agricultural bulletin 'Malatya Tarım Bülteni'.  

Application of kaolin in late spring frost This is article about Application of kaolin in late spring frost. It was published on Malatya Tarım Bülteni.
Opening ceremony for delivering project equipment this is news in Malatya Tarım Bülteni magazine about Opening ceremony for delivering project equipment. It was published on April 2014.
The effect of kaolin application to apricot yield, quality and determinatio ThIs is brochure about the effect of kaolin application to apricot yield, quality and determination of effect to some abiotic stress conditions. It was published on December 2012 in Malatya- TURKEY