AgBiz Program

Place: macedonia, Europe
Sustainable development of small rural communities Sustainable development of small rural communities
Total Budget: € 0,00 | Period: From June 2008 To June 2013


The goal of the AgBiz Program is to increase the rate of economic growth in Macedonia through expanded, environmentally sustainable production and sales of value-added agricultural products by enabling producers and processors to compete regionally and globally.


Macedonian Association of Processors - Macedonia

Lead applicant

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Republic of Macedonia - Macedonia

Initiative partner

University Ss Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food in Skopje, Institute of Agricultural Economics - Macedonia

Initiative partner

Teaching, research and analysis in the field of Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness, Rural Development, Agricultural Policy and Agricultural Marketing

- Enabling agribusinesses to understand, identify and enter new export food and beverage markets; - Increasing producers' and processors' capacity to understand and meet market demand for value added food products; - Enhancing market linkages between producers, processors, and traders; - Improving business management and operations the selected agribusiness value chains; and - Producing greater incomes for agricultural producers and processors.

- Developed grant system (50/50) with the beneficiaries (food processors)

- Implementation of Food Chain approach

- Developed Marketing strategies for the beneficiaries (food processors)

- Support to National Agricultural Policy (MSZV)

- AgBiz long-term staff lead a process of identifying the sub-sectors in which AgBiz will initially work. This matrix describes the results of the prioritization work.

- AgBiz uses the help of highly qualified technical consultants. Our technical consultants have created many different reports for our customer’s use.

- AgBiz is eager to help our customers with different technical assistance and training needs. To better provide you with technical assistance we have created various training materials.

- AgBiz has developed a bibliography of the important agribusiness reports and studies completed over the last four years. These help inform our staff and serve as a convenient reference for interested parties.

n June, 2011 AgBiz was extended for two years and the overall objective of the two-year cost extension is to increase incomes for all participants in selected Macedonian agricultural value chains by increasing sales (domestic and exports), improving productivity, enhancing the agricultural business environment, and increasing access to finance. AgBiz will build off of the existing capacity and expertise of Macedonian professionals and lead firms and farms to create a new understanding in the market for imbedded business development services and fee-based service delivery. The provision of the services will be delivered sustainably by local partners well beyond the anticipated graduation of the USAID Macedonia program. AgBiz Extension will focus on two value chains—fresh fruits and vegetables (FF&V) and processed vegetables (PV); emphasis will be on the lower levels of the value chains, with a view to increasing product quality and quantity to meet demand, and to raising the critical mass of stakeholders in the targeted value chains and increasing the use of service providers and the development of sustainable packages of services.
Implementation will contribute to the achievement of USAID/Macedonia’s Economic Growth Assistance Objective Three: Increasing Job Creating Private Sector Growth in Targeted Sectors and the Intermediate Results 3.1: Improved Business Environment in Critical Areas and 3.2: Key Private Sector Capacities Strengthened.
AgBiz Extension has three primary modifications versus AgBiz:

Focus only on the fresh fruits and vegetables, and processed vegetables value chains;
Place more emphasis on lower (production) levels within the value chains to increase the quality and quantity of production to satisfy current and anticipated demand; including increasing the number of participants in targeted value chains; and
Increase the use of local agricultural development service providers to manage entire AgBiz components

82 business expansion project proposals from five value chains (bottled
wine; table grapes; non-timber forest products (primarily wild mushrooms
and berries); processed vegetables and fresh vegetable) have been received
and evaluated;
•  10 projects have been completed;
•  37 improved technologies or management practices have been
•  249 agribusiness firms have received technical assistance;
•  316 individuals have been provided short-term training;
•  US$1.1 million in export orders have been signed;
•  Over US$1.6 million worth of customer financing has been identified;
•  A human resources capacity enhancement program is under implementation;
•  9 grants for export business expansion projects have been signed and up
to eleven more are anticipated to be signed in the very near future. The
projects supported by these grants are projected to result in increased
agriculture-based exports of nearly $39 million.

- Improved export capacity of the beneficiaries (food processors)

- Introduction of new market possibility (Russia and Ukraine)

- Improved competitiveness in terms of reduced production and processing costs

- Improved Post Harvesting Handling of the beneficiaries (food processors)

- Macedonian food producers, processors, traiders and consumers

- Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy of the Republic of Macedonia

Vasko Hadzievski vhadzievski@agbiz.com.mk (Manager)
Natasha Lazovska nlazovska@agbiz.com.mk
Goran Damovski gdamovski@agbiz.com.mk
Sonja Petrovska spetrovska@agbiz.com.mk
Kristina Deriban  kderiban@agbiz.com.mk
Elena Petrovska epetrovska@agbiz.com.mk
Jordan Nikolov  jnikolov@agbiz.com.mk

- Inappropriate measures and support for food export
- Lack of proper insurance policy
- Complex payment protocols
- Presence of non-tariff barriers

- Rigid mechanism for control of the implemented project measures regarding environmental protection

- Improved Macedonian first and secondary legislation regarding agriculture and trade

- Macedonian Association of Processors

- Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy

- National Extension Agency for Agriculture

../file-system/small/pdf ../file-system/small/pdf AgBiz report AgBiz Program SECOND FISCAL QUARTER 2008 REPORT JANUARY – MARCH 2008