Biological Control of Watermelon Fruit Blotch

Place: turkey, Europe
Sustainable management of natural resources Sustainable management of natural resources
Total Budget: € 1.500,00 | Period: From June 2013 To October 2014


Bacterial fruit blocth disease, caused by Acidovorax citrulli, is destructive disease of watermelon in Turkey. Control strategies of the disease focus on using pathogen-free seeds. Totally 322 candidate antagonists were isolated form healty watermelon leaves, blossoms and soils in Cukurova region of Turkey. After the in vitro experiments selected 14 antagonists were applied as seed treatments. After the germinations of the treated and un-treated seeds, infected cotyledons were evaluated by 0-7 scales. The antagonist were reduced disease severity and disease incidence from 6 to 94% and from 10 to 93%, respectively.This study demonsrated that antagonists were able to reduce disease occurance and serves as a our first attemps on biological control of watermelon fruit blotch disease for further studies.


Cukurova University - Turkey

Lead applicant

Geylani Farm, Misis village - Turkey

Initiative partner

Commercial Nursery - Turkey

Initiative partner

Biological control of bacterial fruit blocth disease of watermelon vıa mıcrobıal antagonists

In the project, watermelon seeds were avoided from contamination of bacterial fruit blotch disease.

This study is economically useful and practical for seed/seedling producers in order to receive healthy seeds.

seed/seedling producing companies and farmers will save money.

Seed companies, commercial nurseries, farmers

Managers are  all the seed companies 

seedling producers are the competences

slelection of the best antagonists were the difficulty. to overcome this, inhibition zone of beneficial bacteria were tested in laboratory conditions and has chosen the best antagonistic bacteria

Antagonistic bacteria are safe in use despite of treating seeds with hazardous chemicals 

the experience can generate results for years when used every growing season.

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