Place: morocco, Africa
Sustainable management of natural resources Sustainable management of natural resources
Total Budget: € 36.000,00 | Period: From September 2007 To March 2010


Summary (EN/FR) The Moroccan IDEAMED project has been implemented in the framework of the 4th call  for the INTERRED IIIB Programme and IDEAMED Medocc project. Its objectives are:

  • the identification and analysis of the  best practices in water engineering projects;
  • the Information and dissemination of these good practices to future holders of multi partnership projects;
  • the transfer of knowledge, the development of a cooperative dynamic and strengthening of water engineering projects.


Hassania School of Public Works - Morocco

Lead applicant

Initial training of Specialized Master Degree in Management and Exploitation of Transportation Systems. It is accredited by the Ministry of Education. It has Engineering programmes and Professional programmes for postgraduates. Scientific research having a number of laboratories and research centers endowed with all the necessary equipment for scientific and technical studies.

National Office of Potable Water - Morocco

Initiative partner

It is a leading player in the field of drinking water and sanitation in Morocco, it is responsible for planning, production and distribution of water resources.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Marseille (CCIM) - France

Initiative partner

It is an organization representing the interests of commercial, industrial and service in the district of Marseille and Aix and provide certain services. It is a public institution that manages equipment in addition to the benefit of such companies. Like all CCI, it is under the supervision of the prefect of the department representing the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry for SMEs, Commerce and Handicrafts. It has two development types: enterprises development and commercial development. Its missions involve Business Service, Equipment management and Training centers.

Directorate of National Meteorology - Morocco

Initiative partner

The IDEMAED-Morocco project aims at setting up a system of "sustainable generation water projects" for the benefit of business networks, institutions (local authorities, public agencies, offices ...) and research centers (universities, institutes, ...).

IDEAMED Morocco has provided  a training in Engineering projects that incorporates a rational and forward-looking approach.

It allows the maximization of the intrinsic possibilities for each partner and the partnership they could benefit from in order for them to have the best conditions for success.

The engineering project focuses on the development of an  idea, which constitutes its basis.

This idea should emerge from a need expressed by the partner, to form part of a national program, etc. then be an assessment of relevance.

Other important elements will also provide a reflexion basis for the culmination of the idea expected, as the adaptation of the initial project to the donors criteria’s and priorities:

  • How to detect financial guidelines?
  • How to provide the information of the first documents to communicate and sell the project to internal and external partners?
  • How to set up the first technical document with the methodology of the project ?
  • etc.

The scale of intervention is from local to national.

The project has allowed to:

  • make a national benchmark of the experience  on the engineering of water projects, belonging to four institutional  Moroccan partners (11 water projects which have received an international funding were analyzed);
  • conceive a database containing elements of partner's water projects;
  • elaborate a good practice guide on sustainable water projects including the following topics: project idea, initial project, partnership scheme, configuration of the partnership scheme, final project and performance indicators.

The target beneficiaries are scientific comunity and industry/enterprises.

The training of the researchers and managers in the public and semi public field is needed in water projects engineering in order to develop their projects.

The initiative was carried out through the involvement of several human resources, both at the administrative and scientific level.

../file-system/small/docx ../file-system/small/docx Initiative partner .
  • Access to enough and reliable data, concerning important water projects having received international funding;
  • The failure to obtain the second part of the budget (60%) didn’t allow completing the whole work;

What kind of strategy you have adopted in order to overcome it and to achieve positive results?

  • Insistence with partners in order to answer quickly the questions raised about their projects.

The training on engineering projects in the framework of the IDEAMED-Morocco project, (for researchers and managers of the project partners) as well as the good practice guide on water projects, constitute important elements, can help the participants to build better water projects, requiring a regional or international funding.

The project was stopped in the process for administrative reasons (late payment of the first tranche of funding, 40%, leading to a delay in the start of the project IDEAMED Morocco and the inability to obtain the second part of the budget; 60%) did not allow to complete all work, including assessing the impact of this project on new water projects partners.

IDEAMED Morocco (project homepage) .
Photos of the Kick-off Conference of IDEAMED Morocco (1) .
Photos of the Kick-off Conference of IDEAMED Morocco (2) .

The good practice guide for water projects represents an important contribution to be shared with other researchers and professionals in the water field, in order to help them setting up projects on water, looking for international funding.

However, the conclusion of this guide is required before its diffusion.