The main objective of "Feeding Knowledge"effective solutions. As decision makers, institutional actors and policy experts, your contribution is key to this process. Find out how to get involved! To support the elaboration of effective policies and programs for food security, Feeding Knowledge will develop and disseminate the "Shared Vision on Food Security in the Mediterranean": a document for policy makers based on the result of the assessment of research and stakeholders needs.

1/ Take five minutes to read

In 2014, we will deliver to the international community a strategy document called
"Shared Vision on Food Security".

This document is based on the recommendations made by the scientific community on the main research priorities for food security.

To have your say in the drafting of the"Shared Vision on Food Security", read here the views of the scientific community.

2/ Policy Makers Corner

Here are posted the opinions of key policy makers dealing with food security in the Mediterranean.

First posts are coming soon!

3/ Give your contribution

After reading the shared views of the scientific community, fill in the form with your  ideas