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Site Map

The sitemap is a general top-down view of the overlall site contents and the macro areas are:

  • About
  • Events
  • Network
  • Database
  • Best Practice
  • Local Points


Here you can find all the information about the project and the partners involved


Do you need help? In this area you can find:

  • frequently asked questions to solve your doubts,
  • tutorials to let you to explore the website


It's a discussion room open to researchers and experts involved in activities related to the 5 thematics groups, with 5 White papers.


Local Point

acting as "amplifiers" of the scientific Network at the local level


here, there are four databases that provide information about food security experts, organizations, research and free sources accessible to logged users.



Best Practices

Here you can find information about the Call (closed on 31st October 2014), the evaluation process and, from January 2015, the results.


Seminars, webinars, meetings, press conferences, lectures and videos for you!