Professionals coordinated by CIHEAM

Damiano Petruzzella

Italy PhD in Engineering, Architecture and Economics of Sustainable Development in Urban and Rural Areas – Project Manager at CIHEAM-IAMB

Marinella Giannelli

Italy PhD in International and EU Law – EU & International Project Officer at CIHEAM-IAMB

Jocelyne Jawhar

Italy PhD in Plant Pathology – Projects Consultant at CIHEAM-IAMB

Silvana Campanale

Italy MSc in Sociology – EU and International Projects Consultant, Planning and Cooperation Office at CIHEAM - IAMB

Laura Scivetti

Italy MSc in Communication and Multimedia - Multimedia Communication Consultant at CIHEAM-IAMB

Ivana Pekez

Italy Bachelor Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures – Projects Consultant at CIHEAM-IAMB

Amine Hmid

Italy PhD Environment, Resources and Sustainable Development; PhD Biology; Researcher at CIHEAM – IAMB