• Creation of a Mediterranean network of experts focused on research, innovation and transfer of knowledge for Food Security
  • Development and implementation of a collaborative online environment based on an International Technology Platform
  • Identification of 12 National Local Points, in order to strengthen National Extension Services in gathering needs related to the transfer of knowledge to stakeholders and farmers
  • Identification and enhancement of the Best Sustainable Development Practices for Food Security in the frame of Expo Milano 2015
  • Support to policy makers in the elaboration of programmes and policies.

5 Themathic Priorities

Feeding Knowledge activities are developed through five research and innovation Priorities for Food Security. Each Priority is made up of a network of researchers working on five white papers through a cross revision process. The main outcomes of these papers, together with the needs of target countries' stakeholders for food security, will be collected and systematized in a programmatic policy paper. This paper will be part of the Legacy of Expo and will be submitted to decision makers and to the international community.

  • priority 1

    Sustainable natural resources management
  • priority 2

    Quantitative & qualitative enhancement of crop products
  • priority 3

    Socio-economic dynamics and global markets
  • priority 4

    Sustainable development of small rural communities in marginal areas
  • priority 5

    Food consumption patterns: diet, environment, society, economy and health


  • Online activities that will stimulate and support the creation of the International scientific network and the recognition of BSDP for feeding the planet
  • E-collaboration strategies and tools to support the interaction among members of the international network aimed to analyze, develop and share knowledge
  • Online collaborative databases on actors, sources, research, best practices, policies
  • Innovative tools and strategies for scientific knowledge dissemination