26/09/2013 Wastewater management and reuse Ramy Saliba, PhD candidate - Lebanon Water must be considered among the most needed resources of the next century. While freshwater use will probably increase in the coming years, new techniques enabling the wastewater management and rapid re-use, together with public acceptance of water reuse, will allow its optimization in industrial and agricultural processes.Read More
Is the general public ready to know that they are using recycled wastewater? YAK! Granting access to water will probably one of the main reasons for regional and international conflicts in the next one hundred years. Starting from this point the researches about wastewater management and reuse show their crucial importance as normalizing factors on the international sets. The re-use of wastewater is economically and ecologically to be promoted and its public acceptance is mainly a matter of habits and perception of what re-used wastewater really is: water. Nothing is more cyclical than water, all the water on the planet is recycled water.