Best Sustainable Development Practices

The Call of Best Practices on Food Security, launched by Expo Milano 2015, collected 749 initiatives: a significant heritage throwing lights on scientific solutions, services and products.The Best Practices of Expo represent an important opportunity to share information on how International Organizations, Local Governments, Civil Society, Enterprises, Institutions and Academia, both in developed and developing Countries, face future challenges.

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August, 1st


The 2016 Call for Action on the Revitalization of the Mediterranean Diet was launched during the First World Conference on the Mediterranean Diet held in Milan from 6 to 8 July 2016.
This Call is a follow-up of the MED DIET EXPO 2015 CALL: Time to Act that was promoted by CIHEAM in 2015 at Expo to promote more sustainable food systems in the Mediterranean Region.

July, 29th

New tool for managing the fuel needs of displaced populations

A FAO-UNHCR handbook offers a new tool for helping displaced people access fuel for cooking food while reducing environmental damage and conflicts with local communities.
The new technical handbook, Assessing woodfuel supply and demand in displacement settings contains a methodology that humanitarian workers and camp managers can use when tackling such issues.
The handbook outlines a step by step process for assessing energy needs and the nature and availability of local fuelwood sources and using geographic information system and remote sensing data to map the distribution and changes over time of woody biomass resources.

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