Best Sustainable Development Practices

The Call of Best Practices on Food Security, launched by Expo Milano 2015, collected 749 initiatives: a significant heritage throwing lights on scientific solutions, services and products.The Best Practices of Expo represent an important opportunity to share information on how International Organizations, Local Governments, Civil Society, Enterprises, Institutions and Academia, both in developed and developing Countries, face future challenges.

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November, 13th

The State of Food and Agriculture 2015 in Brief

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on reducing poverty have been met by many countries, yet many others lag behind and the post-2015 challenge will be the full eradication of poverty and hunger. Poverty and its corollaries – malnutrition, illness and lack of education – limit agricultural productivity. Download the FAO report: "Social protection and agriculture: breaking the cycle of rural poverty"

November, 13th

2016 - Year of Pulses

Pulses, including all kinds of dried beans and peas, are a cheap, delicious and highly nutritious source of protein and vital micronutrients that can greatly benefit people’s health and livelihoods, particularly in developing countries -- that was the UN's message at the launch of the International Year of Pulses 2016 today.

November, 3rd

Online first video-interview about the Market Exploitation Support Program

Paolo Vercesi, in this first introductive video shows the structure of the model answering three questions: what?, who?, how? through a general description of the model and the critical issues to be concerned about and some useful hints, the identification of stakeholders essential in the team to win the match and the narration of hands-on application examples and advices from real market experts.

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