Best Sustainable Development Practices

The Call of Best Practices on Food Security, launched by Expo Milano 2015, collected 749 initiatives: a significant heritage throwing lights on scientific solutions, services and products.The Best Practices of Expo represent an important opportunity to share information on how International Organizations, Local Governments, Civil Society, Enterprises, Institutions and Academia, both in developed and developing Countries, face future challenges.

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July, 1st

Rural Poverty Portal

Over 400 million poor rural people have participated in programmes and projects supported by IFAD and partners around the world, and they all have stories to tell.
Here are some of those stories, featuring women and men who are working to overcome poverty and determine the direction of their own lives.
These ground-level accounts of hope and empowerment reside on the Rural Poverty Portal, powered by IFAD.
Browse on the Rural Poverty Portal the full archive of field stories from programmes and projects supported by IFAD and partners around the world.

June, 15th


The 2016 Global Nutrition Report examines the world’s nutrition and the efforts to improve it.
It assesses progress in meeting Global Nutrition Targets established by the World Health Assembly, and provides current information from global, regional and country perspectives.
Download the Report.

June, 8th

World Oceans Day 2016

Today we're celebrating the World Oceans Day 2016.
The United Nations say that "is our individual and collective duty to interact with oceans in a sustainable manner, with a thought to future generations who will surely depend on the ocean for their livelihoods".
Here you could find more information.

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